Townhouses for sale in Sharjah

Saro launch on Masaar

Town Houses consist of 2 to 4 bedrooms

Prices starting from 1.8 M AED

Only 5% down payment and installments to handover

A lifestyle designed by nature

A cozy haven in the bosom of lush nature

Saro, the seventh phase of the Masar project, is a residential complex characterized by privacy.
Quiet in the midst of dense trees. This complex has been very popular With buyers and investors, as there are only a limited number of units left available for sale.

All residents of Sirou enjoy easy access to Massar Central, which is a commercial complex It includes shops, restaurants, and various family facilities, at a distance Short walk through lush trees.

Make your life easier and enjoy more

Here you find your balance ideal in life

Look around you and you will find true harmony between you and nature. Masar helps you achieve a healthy balance between work and leisure, family and your time, city life and the beauty of nature.

Are you longing for a quiet social life away to sit and chat, you will find in Masar a corner with your friends and family.
Need to get away from it all?
Ride your bike through 12 km of trails amidst wide expanses of dense trees dotted all around here in front of you.

special parking

Driver's bedroom

Stunning views

Changing rooms

swimming pool

Lounge and dining area

24/7 security

living room

Here life moves at a different pace.
Renew your energy after a busy day at work, and focus on your most important priorities in life: Hope, your family and peace of mind.

Here the lush trees and greenery around you welcome and invite you To an enjoyable tour in the bosom of nature, in designated gatherings and areas For walking, hiking, running, cycling, and even a chance to meditate and relax.

How to rejuvenate and enjoy the course of the day?
We are pleased to offer you a variety of options for you to choose from.

Discover Saro

Stunning views that inspire you and elevate your dreams

In the heart of New Sharjah


This is your new address.. Where the chest is relaxed and calm, as if you are in another world, while you are a few minutes away from the hustle and bustle of the modern city.

Town Houses

Imagine that for a moment…
A sense of peace and comfort awaits you in your home

Only 5% down payment

Don’t miss your chance to invest or live as there are now only a limited number of homes left in this complex