Hayyan heart of nature in Sharjah

Hayyan villas for sale in Sharjah

Villas and townhouses start from 2 bedroom up to 7 bedrooms

Starting from 1.49 million AED

Only 10% down payment and installments over 6 years

The place of human essence

A unique residential complex that includes villas designed in the spirit of nature, where you will love to live in for many years.

Hayyan is the heart of nature in the Emirate of Sharjah. It is a villa complex inspired by nature, as it was designed to reflect the idea of ​​living in a modern style in the lap of nature. Hayyan’s project blends nature and the future, and art adds to them the joy of life.

An exceptional living experience in the lap of nature

Your home in Sharjah

Live you alive

Feel the splendor of the greenest project in Sharjah, which includes 40,000 trees. Experience nature in its purest form. Impulsive, untamed – and inspiring with her grandeur.

The largest swimming lake

The largest community park

The most intense green projects

Special areas for organic farming

community centre

Shopping center

24/7 security

special parking

Some places are designed to grow in the wild, some places are pleasant to live in, and some places become a part of you

Smart villas promise superior privacy, best use of space and best indoor lighting with European bathrooms. A better life awaits you in Hayyan.

In Hayan, we do not suffice with creating and reconstructing places that you own, but rather we design smart places that make you happy to be your home. Privacy with an aesthetic touch in villas is a masterpiece.

Some places are so well designed some places are so good at listening to your desires

The shortcomings are combined while taking into account your preferences. With flexible layout options, a variety of flooring and materials, as well as the ability to make exterior changes.

3 flexible interior designs
3 options for materials and flooring
External changes are arranged (at an additional rate to be paid separately)

Free specs

Elevator – for luxury mansions and villas with 5 bedrooms

Paid specs

Upon request and applied to palaces, luxury villas and partially detached villas

Benches built in the private gardens
swimming pool
grill platform

In the heart of Sharjah

Hayyan strategic location

Hayyan is strategically located on the Emirates Transit Road, near the most vital facilities in Sharjah. Hayyan is a new cultural neighbourhood, developed to attract residents and people who love to live in the bosom of nature.


Taken from the word “alive” which is the thing that gives life to everything and means the one who is living, ever-living.

installments for 6 years

Don’t miss your last chance to invest or live in one of the most desirable areas in the Emirate of Sharjah